How To Clean Wood Floors

Wood floors look attractive and immensely beautiful. However, there is one problem associated with these floors. The problem is keeping the beauty of these floors intact for a very long time. there can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that wood floors look great but at the same time it should be kept in mind that they require regular maintenance and care. Wood is a material that gets marked and stained very easily and quickly resulting in the unsatisfactory and dull appearance of the floors. Cleaning wood floors is very different from cleaning vinyl or stone floors. This is because once wood gets stained it takes strong action like sanding that can help in bringing back the lost elegance of the floor.

Getting the Help of a Professional

Prevention and protection are the two key points in protecting wood floors. Wood is quite durable but at the same time it is a material which is prone to staining and scratching which must be avoided by taking all possible measures. If a wooden floor gets scratched or marked then it is advisable to get hold of a professional cleaning specialist for sanding, cleaning, polishing and sealing the floor. These are preventative measures taken for restoring the beauty of wood floors.

Using a Sealant Coat in Important

Installation followed by sealing is the first step in learning How To Clean Wood Floors. The very first thing that you need to ensure when trying to clean wood floors is that the floor has been installed properly and correctly. Post this, a sealant is added in the form of a protective coating which effectively water proofs the floor. The sealant protects the floor from any kind of spillage. You can easily check whether your wood floor possesses a sealant coating or not by dropping some water onto the floor. Check whether the water drops float on the floor surface or not. If they float then your floor has a sealant coating and if it does not then you must make arrangements for the sealant application. When choosing a sealant for your wood floor it is best to take the advice of a floor cleaning professional. This is because professionals have very good idea about the best and the most quality-based sealants available in the market.

Avoid any kind of Surface Scratching

You must also ensure that your wood floor is not scratched in any circumstances. This is because scratching can easily remove the sealant coating on the floor exposing it to all kinds of spillages and damages. Surface scratching resulting in the removal of sealant makes way for bacteria build up and staining over time which can mark and stain the wood. Surface scratching can easily be avoided by removing any dirt or grit from the floor surface. This can be done by sweeping the floor on a regular basis. Post sweeping the floor, you can clean it using a damp mop as this can help in keeping the beauty and the quality of your wood floor intact. Also make sure to clean spillages as soon as possible.


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